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Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade

Chaucer Publishing


Greta can’t wait to be at the top of the grade-school heap--especially since she’s dealing with loss at home. Her father’s away in Antarctica , her mother’s still angry with Greta’s Dad for leaving, and Grampa’s losing his memory.

But even sixth grade starts to feel like life stinks. Greta discovers she's  not in the same home room with her best friend.  Her handsome new teacher seems way too interested in her mother. Kiki, a new girl, moves onto the scene and starts acting like the boss of the whole sixth grade.

Greta agrees to be a candidate for class president only to stop Kiki from winning. She regrets accepting Kiki’s bet that if Kiki wins the election, she gets to tell Greta what to do for the whole school year.  It takes some inspiration from her “integrated learning” project about René Descartes and his “I think, therefore I am” philosophy to help Greta keep her sixth-grade experience from totally going down the toilet.

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5 Stars

" eye-opening book for ages 10+. It is great for kids who are nervous about middle school or struggling in it. Ann Herrick is an adult who clearly understands the trials of middle school and is able to shine hope through them. The Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade gives an excellent picture of middle school and shows how good friends are like the sun peering through the clouds." 

Rephilipsen, Litpick


Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade brought a whole new connection to book characters. It was very easy to relate to the characters, especially Mari and Greta. Sometimes school can be hard. And reading this book made me know I'm not alone. It's a good book for ages 7-12 ... I would recommend this book to anyone who is having a hard time in school. It might help them relate to others and start feeling better.

Daisycash, Litpick Reviews

"...Ann Herrick's novel, Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade, squarely deals with the realities and trauma of parental separation, the angst of transitioning into the middle grades through friendships, building healthy relationships, resolving conflicts,  developing self-confidence, applying out-of-the-box thinking, and encouraging artistic creativity.  The characters' voices and actions ring true with every turn of the page." 

Patricia D. Engelking , Retired Teacher and Librarian

"... Ann Herrick does a great job at showing the world from the point of view of Greta, from her internal emotions to the feelings of frustration and loss of control. The reader comes to realize and understand how frustrated Greta feels. The reader can empathize with the various predicaments that Greta faces.

The dialogue is fun, the situations are understandable and the characters are deep. Ann Herrick does a perfect job at relating the difficult situations to the age of the reader. There are lessons at various levels and even older readers will find great enjoyment and humor at the various situations. Older readers will also be able to reflect on their own youth and understand the feelings that Greta faces throughout the story.

I really enjoyed the personality of Greta. Many authors develop a character that the reader often views as “pure” or “good” but Ann is able to show the actions that Greta takes when she is feeling frustration or anger. Rather than just describing the feelings that Greta has, Ann shows how Greta lets those feelings out, whether in words or actions the feelings come forth.

This is one story that is full of lessons and reflections for readers of all ages, you don’t want to miss this great read!"

~~Stargazer, Long and Short Reviews

"... Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade is narrated by Greta. Her voice is true to the character’s age. She isn’t precocious in any regard. Her view of her parents as individuals and a couple is spot on for a sixth grader. Her anxiousness over her hunky new teacher who seems to know her mom is classic. Ms. Herrick clearly has her finger on the pulse of this age group. Boss of the Sixth Grade is an eye-opening book that is appropriate for grade school through ‘tween readers..."

~~Xkoqueen, Amazon review

"...The story has many layers to it, and the vivid descriptions bring the scenes and the characters alive, and keep readers entertained till the very end."

~~Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"…an interesting middle-grade novel. It felt true and honest  … It was wonderful to watch the girls, and others in this sixth-grade class, change, mature, and grow in the course of these few pages. It’s definitely a book I’ll be sharing with my girls."

~~Gina, Hott Books