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 Practice Makes Perfect

Soon to be Reissued as "My Fake Summer Boyfriend", by Books We Love, Ltd..  Practice Makes Perfect  is a light, humorous story about a girl who discovers that it's not a good idea to pretend about her feelings when she volunteers to be an imitation girlfriend for a boy she really likes.  My first book, it was also published in France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, selling over 100,000 copies.

Sun, sand, surf and Alex ... Katie was swept away.


ISBN 0-373-88024-3
ISBN 2-280-20192-5
DENISE Band 226 (13)

Dear Samantha,

Things were going great between me and Alex until last Friday.  We'd developed a friendship that was on the verge of turning romantic when who should arrive but Nicole Kendall!  In three days she'd ruined my relationship with Alex. 

Now I'm involved with Logan, Nicole's brother, but to be honest, Alex is the one for me.

Tonight, we're all going to a drive-in to see some dumb horror movie.  I don't really want to go but I have to, to keep tabs on Alex and Nicole.  Well, that should be a fun-packed evening... 

Tell you all about it next week. 

Love,  Cathy